Blackink Matte Pink Steel Hot and Cold Water Bottle

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Brand              Blackink
Material           Stainless Steel
Bottle Type      Standard Bottle
Colour             Light Pink
Capacity           750 Milliliters

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  • ✅ 👉 PREMIUM QUALITY: Speedex heavy duty stainless steel Pack of 1 pcs water bottle .The double wall vacuum insulated technology increases thermal insulation allowing hot beverages to stay hotter and cold beverages to stay colder.Mix your beverage only once and keep track of your water consumption.
  • ✅ 👉 LEAK PROOF: Specially designed, insulated stainless steel cap is leak proof and has heavy duty threads to ensure there are no leaks.A high quality silicone ring ensures a perfect seal even when turned over or shaken.
  • ✅ 👉 Durable and Eco_Friendly: Made from food grade stainless steel, with no chemicals and no metallic taste. This bottle will ensure you have the purest, most refreshing beverage wherever you go. Designed to last, this bottle is a remarkably affordable alternative to unhealthy plastic bottles.

184 reviews for Blackink Matte Pink Steel Hot and Cold Water Bottle

    rohan sinha
    10 July 2023
    Very light weight not as expected. And not value for money
    Ojasv Kushwah
    3 December 2023
    I bought it to keep in my car, but there is a gap between the cap and the body,. The bottle outside heat because of this gap. If we keep in car then it is not keeping the water cool, the outside temperature easily affects the water because of that gap… I have attached a image of a blue bottle, this cello water bottle should have been designed like that to preserve the water temperature…
    8 November 2023
    Nice product… Value for money…. One person found this helpful
    10 October 2023
    Good Product however prices are on a bit higher side
    9 October 2023
    Good product. Only one problem they have 3 thin groves as design, which might create difficulty in cleaning. Otherwise they are good, leak proof & sturdy
    8 September 2023
    Good ??
    10 September 2023
    Good quality steel finish.I wish they wouldn’t have used plastic to cover the lid(only) from inside.
    9 September 2023
    Very decent and durable product. Quality is excellent
    Deepthi Sri
    8 September 2023
    It’s very light, once fallen, it will break
    6 September 2023
    It’s worth buying.
    Arun Tambhure
    6 September 2023
    The price is too high for a bottle like this. I bought it bcoz it seemed pretty, reusable & ecofriendly but if it leaks.. What’s the point??
    5 September 2023
    So the item is good it’s light weight but I think I received the wrong colour still gonna keep it good for school/college/office overall good item
    Vivek Kumar Sharma
    4 September 2023
    Normally item
    4 September 2023
    Low water capacity Also could not able to open cap easily but value for for money
    Amitava Dutta
    2 September 2023
    This bottle facilitates to provide that water you have fill in it till 6 to 7 hours good product
    10 August 2023
    Nice satisfied product
    Neeraj Panchal
    10 August 2023
    Water droplets comes out in more amount from the cap.
    Das A
    10 August 2023
    The drink stays hot or cold for longer period of time and the bottle is built if high quality material moreover looks stylish and is portable. Worth buying!!!
    9 August 2023
    Really great product. We are proud of purchasing this item.
    mayur hande
    9 August 2023
    Good product
    Vasundhara Sharma
    8 August 2023
    Cap on top is pasted with cheap glue . Thus when closed tightly it leave the plastic below . You have to re paste it with Quick Fix or any other fixer.
    8 August 2023
    The bottles are very good.
    Bharat M Joshi
    8 August 2023
    Just buy it. Worth the price.
    Anirban P.
    7 August 2023
    I bought this product in March first week and by the end on May it has started to rust on the edges from where we pour water !! Don’t buy this product
    6 August 2023
    Love the colour and built of the bottle. The water stays cool for a fair amount of time. Very happy
    6 August 2023
    5 August 2023
    Good steel bottle
    Op ojha
    5 August 2023
    I like the SS bottles cleaning very easy.
    4 August 2023
    Good Bottle and Only one thing I didn’t like in the bottle is the company name is cleared it is like a plain color bottle and there is a little leakage…
    Madhav sushuma
    4 August 2023
    Cap defective
    4 August 2023
    Little bulky & need to control flow due to big mouth opening.
    3 August 2023
    Your expectation is there in its use .perfomance
    Raina Sharma
    3 August 2023
    Kailas Date
    2 August 2023
    Good Product
    2 August 2023
    Cold our hot capacity only 2-3 hours only
    1 August 2023
    The color shown and delivered is totally different. It’s very cheap colored bottle.
    Rajender Kumar Arya
    8 July 2023
    Not worth the money…. all my bottles cap are separated from the plastic inside….. its better to but from the shop…. cannot blv its cello….. poor quality!!!
    Ravindra Chetty
    8 July 2023
    It’s ok product
    Seemachandrakant pandey
    7 July 2023
    Nyc product
    7 July 2023
    Very good quality product
    Puruvi Bourai
    6 July 2023
    Good quality botle at good prices
    Kanchan Kumar Singha
    6 July 2023
    Few minor sharp plastic edges around the bottle. As a bottle, it bottles pretty well, except when it leaks. I bought 4, all of them leak when the bottle is full and tilted or jerked.
    6 July 2023
    Overall good. But light in weight but it is ok as per the price. Doesnt think it will keep water hot or cold for long time
    5 July 2023
    I loved it so much. Recommended for buying
    Somnath Sur
    5 July 2023
    Leak proof, easy to clean, durable, doesn’t develop dents when fall down.
    Om Engineets
    5 July 2023
    Better kwality
    4 July 2023
    The outer plastic body could have been improved. The Cello is big brand so expectations were high.
    4 July 2023
    Appearance wise very nice, light weight, I had bought apple cups from sumeet brand which was very good. hence decided to check on water bottle,over all good product, just started using don’t about durability shall update later
    Susheel Singh Tanwar
    3 July 2023
    Price could’ve been lower
    Hari krishnan
    2 July 2023
    I got whatever I was searching for. Thanks Cello & Thanks amazon. Good bye plastics.
    mrinalini singh
    1 July 2023
    Too good and very useful
    Sandhya p.
    1 July 2023
    1 July 2023
    Low quality, please avoid to buy. Getting bad smell after usage.
    R C Mishra
    10 June 2023
    Best product with the best brand.
    10 June 2023
    Heavy yet trendy
    9 June 2023
    Good service ??
    Md Kashif Uddin
    9 June 2023
    Raghuveer Reddy
    6 June 2023
    The Product Quality must be good because from Reputed Brand,but thickness of steel is less,it may have dents.
    Tina Rawat
    5 June 2023
    3 June 2023
    The product is useful. But the colour varies from the image shown in purchase page.
    3 June 2023
    This water bottle is not 100? ok
    2 June 2023
    Okay for daily use. not insulating sooo good only for keeping normal water. or any sort of hot/cold water for a while only.
    2 June 2023
    Product is good, water is staying hot for a decent number of hours. Go for it
    Saurabh Saxena
    2 June 2023
    Unnati Bisht
    2 June 2023
    It’s my best and fvrt water bottle????????… quality, price and colour superbbb????????… durability also good
    1 June 2023
    The colour is lovely. The bottle suits my requirements.
    Sonali Singh
    8 May 2023
    The product is too good ??
    K kavitha
    8 May 2023
    Awesome quality bottle.
    7 May 2023
    Good quality product
    Manish Agrawal
    7 May 2023
    Amazing product
    Devendra Kumar
    7 May 2023
    7 May 2023
    Only capacity issue i think min.1 ltr is good
    6 May 2023
    It does keep water warm for a couple of hour. The bottle is lightweight. It is steel from inside. Outer plastic cover gets scratches easily and prone to breakage when dropped from table. Opening is large. It is leakfree.
    Sonali Srivastava
    6 May 2023
    Good product
    6 May 2023
    Leak-proof and lightweight.
    6 May 2023
    Though it is bright in colour, not so active in quality. To speak the truth , it is lower in quality than Milton . It can not keep cool for more than 2/3 hours.
    4 May 2023
    Vipula Malhan
    3 May 2023
    Loved the bottle
    SWAPAN Sarkar
    3 May 2023
    Would really recommend buying it is leak proof so never have to be worried if it would spill hold good amount of water
    1 May 2023
    Awesome ?? Liked d product.
    Satish nonia
    10 April 2023
    Good Product
    10 April 2023
    Pros – Stores hot water for few hours – Decent quality Cons – Branding will go away after few washes – Leaks after a while
    9 April 2023
    Looks good leak proof cap as well.Good product at this price.
    Binoy vasu
    9 April 2023
    Useful product ??
    8 April 2023
    Smells in starting
    shilpa manoch
    6 April 2023
    One person found this helpful
    Tanupriya Batra
    6 April 2023
    Lightweight bottle and seems a copy of borosil bottles. But ok with the price
    5 April 2023
    I ordered these bottles and they r really nice but the sheet on the cap is not glued properly which is the biggest drawback of this item..I would really request the team to work on these caps.
    Shikha Saurabh
    5 April 2023
    Bottel shape is nice & perfect. Easy to clean leak proof. Issue is easily get scratches and dent if it is in kids hands.
    Vishal kharwar
    3 April 2023
    Bottles are looking nice. Easy to clean. There is no any leakage in bottles.
    Shubhashish Sarkar
    3 April 2023
    It works as a water bottle. There is no thermal insulation property, so useful to only use it for room temp water. Not sure if it is genuine as the printed label started to get rubbed within 10 days of it being used, just from normal handling.
    2 April 2023
    Nice product broader bottle cap and mouth space
    Hitendra Pandya
    2 April 2023
    Easy to clean, good for travelling and ofcourse a good replacement of plastic bottles.
    2 April 2023
    The quality is so good and the colour is exactly same.. it’s so easy to clean…so satisfied… Totally worth it ??
    neelakantappa T T
    1 April 2023
    Nice product
    Sreeparna De
    1 April 2023
    I like the product
    9 March 2023
    Easy to clean
    9 March 2023
    9 March 2023
    Very good quality – very nice finish and heavy quality.
    8 March 2023
    Overall good
    Arunchakkaravarthy Veerasamy
    8 March 2023
    I bought this a month back my daughter used this hardly 7 times and it has got loose from inside top and only in on single fall got dents on body… My last bottle was also same but this quality is not good it is for sure duplicate bottle not cello original I want my money back ..
    Sonia paswan
    7 March 2023
    6 March 2023
    Very good quality
    3 March 2023
    Might be a strong plastic
    geetanjali yadav
    1 March 2023
    They’re good for the price. They are really as good as Pexpo which are also very good.]
    1 March 2023
    Light weight, good quantity, and worth the price
    1 March 2023
    Leak proof & easy to clean
    1 March 2023
    Looks durable and good design, bit pricy though
    Joseph Varghese
    10 February 2023
    Colour: PinkPattern Name: Bottle
    10 February 2023
    Easy to cleAn and looks good ,
    10 February 2023
    Beautiful and light weight bottle
    10 February 2023
    Very handy and beautiful.
    9 February 2023
    Good product ?? Color perfect ?? Quality fine ??
    9 February 2023
    The plastic cap is getting separated.. Cello is such a trustworthy brand, didn’t even expect this to happen.. kindly resolve this concern..
    5 February 2023
    Easy to clean and leak proff
    5 February 2023
    Nice product ??
    5 February 2023
    The Thermos started moving when trying to open the cap
    Mahaboob Ali
    4 February 2023
    The best among the choices for its wide mouth, capacity, durability and finish.
    4 February 2023
    One bottle was broken One person found this helpful
    P Roy
    3 February 2023
    Very nice product quality wise and its worthy. One person found this helpful
    2 February 2023
    Good product
    Tarique Aziz
    10 January 2023
    The outer layer of plastic is easily scratchable, and the paint which indicates brand can be gone in a day after washing Ok product in this price range
    9 January 2023
    Very good material product thik,Strong
    Dr.Asif Saleem
    6 January 2023
    Easy to clean; not insulated; slight leakage of bottle shakes (few drops)
    Ayush Srivastava
    6 January 2023
    Product is awesome. It’s quality makes me happy.
    Neeraj Jaggarwal
    2 January 2023
    Good one. No leakage after one year of use. Easy to carry.
    Atif Ahmed
    1 January 2023
    Edges were broken , its a okay kind of product
    6 December 2022
    Very nice product
    3 December 2022
    6 November 2022
    Really good bottles. Stylish and strong. Does not have the metallic taste.. no leakage and no rust. Great buy
    Sagar Kachare
    1 November 2022
    Good product
    Lella sathvika
    9 October 2022
    Good build quality normal botal without insulation.
    pradeep k
    8 October 2022
    10 September 2022
    Good super quality
    Ajmina safrin
    6 September 2022
    This product looks good but actually this bottle leaks.
    5 September 2022
    Good and light weight
    Amrutha P Narayan
    9 August 2022
    Very good product, stylish and very useful, odor free and strong while being light weight.
    Lucky yadav
    9 August 2022
    Steel is very thin, got dented just after use of 1-2 days.
    3 August 2022
    Very nice
    Ramesh k.
    3 August 2022
    The product is useful, sturdy, has 1l storage capacity and defenitly value for money. We do have cheap alternatives available but the quality of this product and the current price defenitly makes it worth buying
    Rajamohana chary
    2 August 2022
    Product quality ?? is good ??. Looking classic.
    Sanju Nandan
    2 August 2022
    Very good product easy to carry and but water was leaking when the cap closed
    1 August 2022
    The water leaks from opening. Cap doesn’t close properly
    Smriti Kaw
    8 July 2022
    The water will stay cool for only 4 hrs
    6 July 2022
    The cap of the battle is not properly glued and it comes out. This product is crap. Please don’t buy
    Simran Jaiswal
    6 July 2022
    Really worthy for money, quality and lookwise also very nice product
    Reply from Avinash k. :
    It is good
    3 July 2022
    Value for money. But it’s 730 ml not 900 ml as mentioned in description.
    Aprajita Shrivastava
    2 July 2022
    Nice product, just the cap smells a little bit may be it’s new…steel is best in class light and tough..
    1 July 2022
    Look Wise – Good Material – Mate Finish steel with Good Quality and high Durability Leakproof – Yes Go for it… Its Perfect.
    10 June 2022
    9 June 2022
    4 June 2022
    Pranay Chemburkar
    1 June 2022
    It’s made of plastic… Not great as per the looks but is ok to use… Don’t expect more…
    1 June 2022
    Quality product light weight and leak proof ??
    1 June 2022
    Madhumita Sengupta
    9 May 2022
    Wow, Bottle was amazing it takes water cold 24hrs. Money Worth it.
    Vajjahla Vara Kumar
    8 May 2022
    It looks like it is in neat condition exept for little smudge and scratch markes on the lid. and little leakage when it is to the full and upside down.
    8 May 2022
    Nice bottle ????
    7 May 2022
    Best bottle in budget
    Tushar Khoshoo
    7 May 2022
    ??? ?? ????? ?? ???? ??| ?? ??? ????? ??? ???? ????? ??? ???? ??|
    Shikha Sharma
    5 May 2022
    Very useful anda good
    2 May 2022
    My daughter is very happy with this
    Chandra Sen Das
    2 May 2022
    1 May 2022
    Cap is defective otherwise quality is very good
    Pawan Singh
    9 April 2022
    This very good product and this colour is good
    8 April 2022
    5 April 2022
    Nice bottle. It was for gifting purpose, so cant comment on the temperature retention of fluid inside it. Also, please note that the outer body is made of plastic. (Though it was mentioned in the description, it was missed from my end).
    alina mandal
    3 April 2022
    Nice bottle, keeps water cool for the last nger periods of time , outer body of plastic is of good quality but it would be better with metal body with few hundred bucks. Worth it product , cap of bottle is quite tight to operate but it’s ok watter doesn’t spill
    1 April 2022
    It doesn’t keep water cold and hot but keep it fresh
    Abhay Kushwaha
    9 March 2022
    Nice but something is missing
    Syed rusana
    6 March 2022
    Affordable as well as good lookin
    4 March 2022
    For water
    Vikas Malavekar
    4 March 2022
    We like this product so much ????
    2 March 2022
    Color of the bottles is a total mismatch.
    brijesh b
    2 March 2022
    Good product
    9 February 2022
    Super bottle
    Mahesh bhatt
    6 February 2022
    Good design , leakproof but they sent 730ml bottle instead of 900ml, after replacement again they sent 730ml, so I returned it cause 730ml is not worth for the price and my need
    Reply from DHAVAL VAGHELA:
    Product is awesome and durable.
    6 February 2022
    5 February 2022
    Very Apt product… Leak proof… Material is of good quality… Cost effective… Good product by the company…
    Sourav S.
    10 January 2022
    Leak proof
    Suraj Prashar
    8 January 2022
    It’s very good non leaky very nice product
    Kuldeep Sharma
    4 January 2022
    The colour is some what different, comparing to the colour given in picture, but u can buy it.
    3 January 2022
    Mausumi Ghosh
    3 April 2013
    Quality of the product is good and is same as shown in the picture
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