Burly Wood Stainless Steel Hot and Cold Water Bottle

(89 customer reviews)


Brand              Blackink
Material           Stainless Steel
Bottle Type      Standard Bottle
Colour             Light Grey
Capacity           750 Milliliters

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  • ✅ 👉 PREMIUM QUALITY: Speedex heavy duty stainless steel Pack of 1 pcs water bottle .The double wall vacuum insulated technology increases thermal insulation allowing hot beverages to stay hotter and cold beverages to stay colder.Mix your beverage only once and keep track of your water consumption.
  • ✅ 👉 LEAK PROOF: Specially designed, insulated stainless steel cap is leak proof and has heavy duty threads to ensure there are no leaks.A high quality silicone ring ensures a perfect seal even when turned over or shaken.
  • ✅ 👉 Durable and Eco_Friendly: Made from food grade stainless steel, with no chemicals and no metallic taste. This bottle will ensure you have the purest, most refreshing beverage wherever you go. Designed to last, this bottle is a remarkably affordable alternative to unhealthy plastic bottles.

89 reviews for Burly Wood Stainless Steel Hot and Cold Water Bottle

    4 October 2023
    It’s cap is not good it breaks and water leaks
    Rohit B.
    9 September 2023
    Good one
    Gauri Pandey
    7 September 2023
    4 September 2023
    Very very heavy after fill
    Neha gupta
    12 August 2023
    The bottle started leaking within a week of usuage. Not worth buying.
    3 August 2023
    The bottle has rubber kind of diaphragm to make it leak proof. The sipper retention power is used to spring action the bootle cap nice design. Overall worth the money spend on it.
    9 July 2023
    Eventhough bottle quality is good, cap quality is not at all good. In couple of days itself the cap lock is loosened and not fitting to hold the water properly
    6 July 2023
    It’s a good product for the price but nit very durable. The bottle dents easily n the sipping spout cap also comes loose easy & often
    m.s gupta
    4 July 2023
    The bottle I received was with a hole, as I filled water in it, the water started dripping out if the bottle. I am too upset with the product quality.
    Soumya Rao
    11 June 2023
    My son liked this bottle very much but unfortunately the bottle cap is broken. Now we are only using at home.
    3 June 2023
    I would be happy to purchase only the cap if they offer me or if they provide an exchange.But for sure I wouldn’t recommend this bottle to anyone unless they provide sturdy cap
    Neeraj Sharma
    1 June 2023
    Cap broken very weak
    11 May 2023
    I bought this bottle during this summer and have only filled cold water , but for some reason the base of the bottle bulged up after a few weeks of usage and now the bottle does not stand steady. Not very happy this one.
    11 May 2023
    Bottle is not at all good. The cap breaked in 15 days
    11 May 2023
    10 May 2023
    Poor quality bottle
    Reply from Mehak:
    Every time you drink water from it, the water starts leaking from the cap.
    Sophie Henry
    7 May 2023
    Initially we are happy to use it, but after 3months End of the locking tip is broken.
    Brahmam R.
    6 May 2023
    Good looking and attractive, but barely lasted. The cap broke after a week of normal use
    4 May 2023
    Gets scratches, not kids friendly
    Vikas Sahu
    1 May 2023
    Nice quality and the color was cute
    10 April 2023
    Cap broken within a week of purchase, can i get the cap alone??
    8 April 2023
    Loved it ??but bit costly…
    6 April 2023
    The bottle was sooo gud .. quality , leak proof , easy to clean, durablility all too gud ( pakka) one thing bad about this , the paint which is lying on the bottle chipped off. Those chipped off scratches happened during washing the bottle.and even my nails did it. So I just suggest improve outer paint quality.. Remaining i surely recommend the bottle for all purpose .. look on it …love this bottle except that outer paint ..
    5 April 2023
    The bottle is very good looking, colour is awesome and as shown in the picture. You should definitely buy this
    Dharmendra Yadav
    4 April 2023
    Likes the product
    10 March 2023
    Waste product never buy this I got a broken product
    5 March 2023
    Absolute waste for money, Cap got broken within a week.Not sturdy product.
    mohit jethva
    2 March 2023
    It is not good for kids. Bottle is good but cap is not .I took flipper cap bottle it is broken . So my suggestion is take sipper cap bottles don’t take it after 10 days it was boked i didn’t return it becoz return policy is expired .
    Anil Kumar sinha
    1 March 2023
    1. It’s a really light weight easy to grip bottle for every day use, although I feel it cannot withstand a fall without a dent. 2. The mouth of bottle is wide enough to have a good clean inside and comfy for drinking directly. 3. Cap is also leak proof and doesn’t take too many rounds to open or close up.
    12 February 2023
    Not comfortable. Doesn’t worth for that cost
    12 February 2023
    Very light weight and still sturdy steel inner body. Good for regular indoor use. I am using sipper cap , so will not use outdoor while traveling. Appealing colours available.
    Aruna D.
    9 February 2023
    Nice colour and light weigted
    Pallavi soni
    9 February 2023
    Good product.. easy to use too..
    8 February 2023
    The colour of the bottle is cheap paint coat and keeps cmg off the bottle
    7 February 2023
    I am Writing this review after using this product for 17 days , It Is Light weight and easy to Carry .But the Outer Coating/colour of this bottle is started disappearing and easily scratch mark appears on it , It is not an Scratch resistance , I chooses over cello just bcz of its look but this product is failed in it , Its Better to Buy Cello.
    Srikanth Biswal
    2 February 2023
    Very good packaging
    Rena Satisan
    9 January 2023
    I’m disappointed as the Cap Lock broke so quickly, I request for an exchange. Otherwise, it’s a good product!
    Aseem Goyal
    9 January 2023
    Good product 2 people found this helpful
    Mitwa Thakkar
    8 January 2023
    As neat,chemical reaction free water container
    prashant bijai
    8 January 2023
    Convenient for daily use. Outer color coating is good. Lid has spill proof washer. Good choice.
    Anirban Dasgupta
    8 January 2023
    The color is so pretty. The cap is also shaped well, making it easier to drink water. Great bottle, must buy!
    prakash epuru
    6 January 2023
    It’s very nice product, quality is super good?? I loved the product
    Luvansh bhartia
    6 January 2023
    The cap gets loose and the paint also chips
    Anjum akhter
    5 January 2023
    Within 2 days of the bottle purchase cap broke
    Prince W
    5 January 2023
    Bottle cap quality is very cheap. Bought 2 for my school going kids. Both the lid opener got broken. Definitely not ideal for school kids.
    Sasikala G
    5 September 2022
    I feel the overall bottle, colour texture is all good … The only major issue I would the brand to address is the size of the nozzle….it’s too small to sip water…nd doesn’t give a good drinking experience
    5 September 2022
    I mean, kids do the test drive with the bottles.Lovely Lovely color..Will need frequent thorough cleaning though, something about the design makes it smell.
    2 September 2022
    It’s not good and the cap is broken
    2 September 2022
    Cap is not leak proof and doesn’t fit properly
    Tripti Srivastava
    12 August 2022
    Baught two bottles with different caps. The steel cap is great but the sipper one breaks in a day time and is useless
    12 August 2022
    1.This water bottle is a stylish .2. High quality stainless steel is used. 3. eco/friendly 5. easy to carry with you wherever you go. 6. Overall, the water bottle sipper is a great choice for anyone who wants a convenient, practical use. I loved it ????????
    10 August 2022
    Within one month the Cap design Looseend .. I ordered 2 color with sipper cap and both bottle cap broken in a month
    Vishnu aggarwal
    9 August 2022
    Cap broke in month
    9 August 2022
    Very good…nice product…my kids love these
    Shubhi S.
    5 August 2022
    This bottle is good but after use some days there is a scratch on water bottle which do not look good
    Nandini Ramesh
    2 August 2022
    It’s perfect for kids
    1 August 2022
    Colour is good but the flipper cap is not good at all…it doesn’t close
    Radha pande
    9 July 2022
    Couldn’t use for a week also. With one fall lid broke. Lid is plastic of low quality.
    Reply from Kunal Kumar:
    Not good quality
    savinay sekhri
    9 July 2022
    Firstly it looks good and stylish, and looks durable. But you have to take care, if it drops once it will break. I’ve been using this bottle for only a month now and it fell and immediately the cap of it broke. Not the best choice of bottle
    Kushal Singh Sisodiya
    9 July 2022
    Meets expectations
    Tushar Parakh
    8 July 2022
    1. Grip handle is too small, it feels so hard to pick bottle with fingures.2. Within 2 days bottom paint start to wear off. Not sure how long body paint will last
    8 July 2022
    Its fine, kaseede nahi pad sakte jyada shaan me, paint will come off with time but its normal it happens with even more expensive ones, good product.
    7 July 2022
    Color is good but doesn’t last long, material is easy to get scratches. Doesn’t leak till now.
    Deepak Tamang
    7 June 2022
    If you add hot water into this bottle, you will NOT be able to touch the bottle, the bottle becomes very hot. The quality of the steel is very poor, the plastic of the lid is also very flimsy.
    6 June 2022
    It’s good sipper and quantity of 1000ml is perfect for Hot summers too ….looks sturdy nd pale pink colour is soothing to eyes too
    5 June 2022
    The product is sturdy and very good to use
    3 June 2022
    It’s a good product but got to use it only for 3 days. The plastic cap broke.
    Pruthvi Narayan
    5 May 2022
    Good product for daily use and lightweight with good material. But little bit expensive.
    saravana prakash
    2 May 2022
    Sturdy, light weight and eye pleasing colors
    9 April 2022
    The quality is good, the colour is beautiful and the size is apt.
    6 April 2022
    The cap broke off in my bag within a few days of using it, rendering the whole bottle useless, and my laptop bag drenched. Luckily all the electronics in my bag were safe.
    Abhilash Ramanan
    6 April 2022
    It’s a nice and good looking in color.
    5 March 2022
    As they have mentioned in their product list they provide 3 caps but there was only 1 so sad. It looks fine but I was more excited About the caps 🙁
    Rahul Mishra
    11 February 2022
    Size: SIPPER CAP/SET OF 1Colour: Pastel PinkVerified Purchase
    p r
    5 February 2022
    1. Quality is good 2. Design is good 3. Steel cap doing better job
    Shubhi S.
    5 February 2022
    This bottle is good but after use some days there is a scratch on water bottle which do not look good
    Piyush Gaur
    3 February 2022
    Best water bottle it is so nice and valuable for money so good
    Bobin James
    2 February 2022
    It was returned, received the replacement in good shape.
    Sakthi Kumaran S
    1 February 2022
    Break cap so easily
    Dr.S.Sathesh Kumar
    10 January 2022
    It’s good to use .but it’s handle was irritated my finger …
    2 January 2022
    The cap which is made up of plastic was easily broken. better to avoid these caps.
    Abhishek Kumar
    1 January 2022
    Product was very good but can’t say that about packaging..when I recieved the product it was open….the product could’ve been missing or destroyedcoz of this……3 people found this helpful
    1 January 2022
    Product was good, nyc bottle ..I bought this bottle in June last but in aug bottle neck glass was broke … it’s disappointing… considering the cost of this product it didn’t come for atleast 3 months ..
    rinky shah
    4 July 2021
    Inspite of being such an expensive product the cap quality is bad. It fell once and broke. Very unhappy with the product
    5 May 2021
    Good product. Light weight, essy to carry. Sipper cap for easy drinking. Worthy of money
    2 May 2021
    Overall the bottle is fine but the cap is of worst quality it get broke in only just 20 days of it’s use. .now i can’t close my bottle. It’s of no use now
    4 August 2020
    Using this for school of my son, it is good n durable steel bottles
    1 January 1970
    This bottle being a steel bottle is leaking after a fall
    1 January 1970
    Beautiful colour
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